Blue Topaz Jewellery – November’s Birthstone Jewellery

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

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Blue Topaz jewellery, is a popular choice, most people love the range of colour tones from the pale sky blues to the richness of London Blue. Topaz looks beautiful when set in both silver and gold and is a natural companion to diamonds.

There are many different designs in blue topaz from the simple settings in polished silver frames to complex designs using different colours of topaz and accentuated with diamonds. Our range encompasses them all.

Topaz is the birthstone for November. The bright colour of the stones does not match the grey of the sky, but it is a reminder of the joyfulness of spring at the darkest time of the year. Mystics would tell you that wearing topaz will help to allay your fears in the night and alleviate sadness, somewhat suitable for a month with short days and a tendency to be the first really gloomy month of the year with cloud filled skies and driving rain. Blue topaz jewellery reminds us to hold onto the brightness of the lighter months.

The Technical Details

Blue topaz is ideal for wearing in jewellery because it has a good hardness, measuring 8 on the Mohs scale. It is often seen in fancy shapes such as our heart shaped topaz pendant, as it does not tend to have structural weakness. Topaz is normally colourless once mined it is then heat treated to bring out the vast array of colours possible, this creates a consistency in the jewellery created enabling blue topaz jewellery to be both beautiful and affordable.

We hope that you enjoy having a look through our range of Blue Topaz jewellery.

Opal Jewellery – October’s Birthstone

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Opals are a truly unique stone. They are quite unlike any of the other birthstones, their appearance defies expectations of a gemstone and provides a glimpse of the intriguing powers of the natural world to create beauty in unexpected places. The opal is not a gemstone that is faceted it is normally seen in a cabochon form. The look of a cabochon is normally a domed top in an oval shape with a flat back.

The range of colours seen in opals can be incredible covering almost all of the colours of the spectrum. The opals that you normally see set into jewellery are either white or blue and green, we have a mixture of both colours in our opal selection.

Opals seem like an appropriate choice for the start of Autumn. The fiery colours in the stones change the softer tones of the summer into the more complex shades of autumn. Opals compliment both silver and gold; the colour of the metal seems to accentuate different colours within the stones.

90% of the world’s opal supply comes from Australia with 80% coming from the South of Australia. Other sources around the world include Brazil, Mexico, Honduras and the USA.

Browse through our range of opal jewellery, we have handmade pieces from Aviv and classic styles in gold.

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Ruby July’s Birthstone – The Red Range

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Rubies are on our mind at the moment. They are the birthstone for July and gazing around the garden I see the colours of rubies in the pinks and reds of the roses, deep tones in the Echinacea that is just going over and more fiery red tones in the geraniums. Bright red is a colour of contrast, it is linked with passion, flamboyance and contradiction. The soft pinks have a different reputation suggesting romance, compassion and imagination.

Rubies show all of these colours in the red spectrum from the deepest blood red to gentle pinks. They are infinitely engaging. The colour of the rubies used in jewellery go a long way to defining the character of a piece of jewellery. We have ruby jewellery all across the kaleidoscope of colours, each demonstrating a mood and a feel unique to the design.

The combination of design and the tones of the rubies makes ruby jewellery a favourite of ours and our customers. They are used in very traditional designs such as the oval cluster; a design with an oval ruby at the centre of a row of diamonds. This setting creates a contrast between the brightness of the diamonds and the hue of the ruby; the design is an enduring one in the world of jewellery, examples can be seen with almost all gemstones, but it particularly suits the ruby and the sapphire.

(Interesting Digression: It is a little known fact that rubies and sapphires are actually the same mineral. They are of the gem family corundum and are gemmologically speaking the same, with colour caused by the inclusion of chromium in rubies and titanium and iron for blue sapphires. All other members of the family are called sapphires with a colour prefix, except for rubies which have the distinction of their own name and are happily not called ‘red sapphires’.)

Rubies are traditionally set into yellow gold the hues complement each other and bring out the warmth in the stones. I also love the look of rubies when set into white gold and silver, it is a more sophisticated look with a colder appearance. The contrast of the white metal with the stones creates more of a contrast, the reds stand out sharply against the silver whereas the pink rubies have a more subtle contrast. Ruby and white metal jewellery is definitely more contemporary in appearance and when joined by diamonds are an amazing way to wear July’s gem.

The other major association of Ruby Jewellery is of the 40th wedding anniversary. Less people are likely to reach this impressive milestone now, as the age we are getting married has increased rapidly, the papers have reported that 4 out of 5 over 60’s were married before they were 25 compared with one in seven under 30’s today. If you do then you are lucky enough to have a new association with a beautiful gemstone that has stood the test of time as your marriage has, so congratulations to you!

If you would like to see our ruby jewellery selection please follow the link. If there is any other aspect of ruby jewellery that you would like to discuss with us, come into see us in our shop or give us a call we are always happy to talk about rubies!

Pearl: June’s Birthstone

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

When most people talk of pearls they are discussing cultured pearls, which are considered to be natural pearls and are becoming more and more rare. Natural pearls are created by molluscs, for example Oysters. Essentially, minuscule particles of sand or grit infiltrate the oysters shell and cause discomfort. To combat this the ‘intruder’ is coated with layer upon layer of nacre (a shiny white substance), this eventually turns into a spherical pearl. The aesthetical quality and longevity of the pearl therefore depends on the length of time it remains inside the oyster. Oysters can also be fooled into creating cultured pearls by placing a small nucleus inside the oyster so that it reacts and creates the nacre coating. Generally speaking a thicker nacre layer has a greater lustre creating beautiful iridescent organic gems and thus commanding a higher value. Freshwater pearls can also be purchased; these gems are created by molluscs that are found in rivers or streams, as opposed to sea water. Some of the best quality fresh water pearls look similar to the higher quality natural oyster pearls. Imitation pearls are also available and can be made from a range of materials including glass and plastic. It is important to be aware of what type of pearl you are purchasing as some of the imitation pearls can be quite highly priced.

In the UK pearl is the birthstone for the month of June, representing modesty and purity. Giving a gift of jewellery containing a birthstone gem supposedly brings to the wearer protection and good luck. Many myths and legends are associated with pearls. For example the Ancient Chinese reportedly believed that pearls came from the brains of dragons. The Ancient Greeks on the other hand believed that when Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, came up from the sea the water droplets that fell from her turned into pearls and held her ‘charms’, thus the gem was largely associated with love and marriage .

Most often we see pearls threaded onto a necklet, commonly with a very small knot in between each pearl; this both helps to increase the durability of the pearls (as they do not rub against one another) and also if the strand breaks it helps prevent the calamity of all the gems cascading everywhere! This style and pearls in general are considered to be quite a traditional and thus many may discount them as gifts for the younger generations. Nowadays though, there are many more modern designs that incorporate these beautiful gems. To browse our lovely range of pearls click here.

9ct White Gold Pearl & Diamond Pendant Necklace
9ct White Gold Pearl & Diamond Ring

One of our current favourite sets with cultured pearls are the ones pictured made from 9ct white gold and diamonds. The pendant is a wonderful combination of vintage and contemporary creating a sophisticated style most suitable for occasion wear. The design for the earrings and ring is the same as the pendant and they make a really beautiful set together.

9ct White Gold Pearl & Diamond Earrings

Our top 5 Springtime Gold Jewellery

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

At find-jewellery we have chosen our top 5 9ct Gold Jewellery picks that are perfect for wearing this springtime.

Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant Necklace

Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant Necklace
Our favourite pick is a beautiful blue topaz and diamond pendant necklace. The darker London Blue topaz contrasts wonderfully with the Sky Blue topaz, together they are formed into a lovely flower shape, perfect for the coming season. A diamond sits at the centre of the pendant adding sparkle and sophistication to the contemporary design. The pendant sits on a bright 9 ct gold box chain.

This necklace comes with a matching pair of blue topaz earrings as well as a blue topaz ring to create a beautiful set of jewellery .

Multi Gem Butterfly Necklace

Multi Gem Butterfly Necklace
Our second pick is an absolutely stunning necklace. The 9ct gold butterfly is set with a beautiful myriad of gemstones. The wings are formed by sapphires, iolite, garnet and pink tourmalines and are set off by a sparkling diamond on each side. Butterflies are key features in the British countryside. The butterfly has gently curving contours creating a lovely play of light through the gemstones, making the most of the colour combinations and allowing this piece to truly sparkle with colour and sophistication.

Sapphire and Diamond Stud Earrings

Sapphire & Diamond Stud Earrings
Another favourite at the moment is a lovely pair of sapphire and diamond stud earrings. The sapphires surround a central diamond creating a floral daisy setting. The gems have a beautiful colour that contrasts well with the 9ct yellow gold setting. They are a lovely pick for special occasions and the design very much suits the spring and summer time alike.

These earrings are also available in ruby & diamond.

Second-hand Multi-gem Ring

Second-hand Multi-gem Ring
Six sparkling diamonds sit in between the petals on this florally designed second-hand ring. The 9ct yellow gold ring is set with beautiful green and yellow sapphires that surround a ruby in the centre completing the striking design. This ring is for occasion wear and the combination of colours and make it a perfect accessory this spring and heading into the summer.

Knotted Stud Earrings

Knotted Stud Earrings
Our final pick are simple 9ct yellow gold stud earrings. The contrasting polished and matt surface of the earrings, give a contemporary twist to the classic style. This modern approach is a simple yet effective variation to revamp a more traditional style this season. They are small and lightweight enough to be worn regularly and are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.

RJ Morris Jewellers – Supporting Sekonda at The RS Feva Nationals

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

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We spent some of the bank holiday weekend in Weymouth at a sailing event. We were not on boats but there to represent Sekonda who help to make it all happen by sponsoring the event. Sekonda sponsor various sports events around the country with a focus on those that help young people compete in sport. The RS Feva event has a range of age groups with all competitors being under 18. The boats are fast and fun to sail and they have a following across the world.

We set up shop there, mainly to show the people of the sailing club and the families of the competitors the great products that Sekonda sell and to talk about the brand. The sun was shining on the Sunday and by all accounts there was some great racing and a positive competitive spirit around the area.

Sekonda are the best selling watch brand in the UK. If you take a look at their collection then you can see why. They are affordable, with prices starting from less than £20, they have some great designs from the clear easy to read classic style models up to their fashionable Seksy brand, a range of watches for women that challenge expectation without breaking the bank and some stylish gents chronographs. The range covers all the bases and colours from silver, gold and rose gold finishes to straps in lots of colours and the funky party time collection. Sekonda are a brand that are constantly on the look out for the next thing and every year they come up with something that adds something to the national stlye.

If you would like to see our collection of Sekonda watches please come and visit us in store on Hayling Island where we have a large range, or you can see a few selected models that we have available on line at our Sekonda watches page.

Butterfly Blends – The Many Winged Flight of Inspiration

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Exotic Butterfly Necklace - Click For More

Butterflies are a part of our cultural identity in the UK. Our gardens are filled with them in the warmer months, they grace our flowers with their presence, cross pollinating and dancing through the air in a wave of beauty. Butterflies live only for a short time but they are reminders of the necessity to fill our days with the finer things in life and to flit from flower to flower and enjoy every moment.

The mirrored wings of a butterfly are full of colours from the entirety of the rainbow, tropical butterflies have a reputation for stunning colours and large wing span, but our British butterflies are just as amazing, most have softer tones of colour to blend with our wild flowers but they are no less beautiful than their tropical counterparts and you only have to walk to some green space to see them flying through.

Butterflies have been an inspiration for use in jewellery for a long time. The range of colours, mirrored patterns and the natural shape of a butterfly is a gift to jewellers, allowing for unusual combinations of colours and materials to create texture and interest through the piece. We have a range of Butterfly Jewellery perfect for every occasion from a casual token to a grand gesture.

We have put together a Pinterest board dedicated to our love of the butterfly and the inspiring designs that have come from our native insects. you can see our Butterfly Blends Board by following the link.


Purity 925 Silver Jewellery – Rose Gold Plated Silver Jewellery

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Rose gold is one of the big trends of the year and we are excited that we will soon be introducing a new range of gorgeous rose plated silver jewellery in our Purity 925 Silver Jewellery range. The range has geometric and floral designs all made from sterling silver. Many are plated with rose gold with a bright rose tone that will capture your imagination and inform your fashion sense. The other pieces in the collections are finished with rhodium plating for that high shine finish.

One of our favourites is a rose gold disc pendant, made up of lots of flowers with one rhodium plated flower just off centre. The look is elegant and the necklace and the matching earrings have drawn lots of attention so far.

The collection has its own branded gift boxes, they look great and make the jewellery a really special gift. We are expecting the new collection in the next few weeks, keep a look out and you may be one of the first to see the Purity 925 range before everyone else. We have had it in our shop window for a few weeks and we can’t fill it up fast enough, it is flying out!

We will let you know as soon as it is here…

Follow the link to see the product pages for Purity 925

Different Styles of Gold Chain

Monday, May 26th, 2014

There are lots of different styles of gold chain, we have listed the most popular beneath so that you can see how their designs differ and what the different merits of each type are.

Curb Chain

Curb Chains
Curb Chains are one of most common types of gold chain. They benefit from being strong, their strength is derived from both the weight of the chain and the design; being tightly linked they do not catch on things particularly easily. The chain has a flat appearance and is perfect for pendants, it is one of the standard chains used when you buy a new pendant, thanks to these qualities. Our gold curb chains come in a range of widths and weights.

Belcher Chain

Belcher Chains

Belcher chains come in lots of different forms, the one pictured is a traditional oval link belcher chain but they are also available in a round link, a tighter link design or a diamond cut finish. Because of the nature of the interlinking design belcher chains tend to look heavier than curb chains, or at least they take up more space! We have noticed that a lot of people like belcher chains in the longer lengths either to wear with a pendant or to wear as a statement piece over their clothes.

Trace Chain

Trace Chains

Another chain is the gold trace chain, this is one that we are all wearing at the moment. It is a less common chain with a tight linked round design that looks great with a pendant. Our trace chains, as with all of gold chains, are available in white and yellow gold. As the name suggests trace chains tend to be on the lighter side, they are not generally available in very heavy styles. They catch the light beautifully and are one of our top picks at the moment.

Snake Chain

Snake Chains
The snake chain is a modern classic, slinky and smooth they look beautiful with a pendant. They normally have a lovely shine across the surface of the chain. They are one of the more delicate of the gold chains as the design makes them susceptible to kinking if they are not stored carefully. We would recommend storing them coiled up gently and not forced into any one particular shape. They need a bit more care but they are worth the effort!

Rope Chain

Prince of Wales Chain

The rope chain is another classic design. It has a twisted appearance and can come in a number of different forms, our favourite is the prince of wales chain as show in the picture. Rope chains are a more fancy design that many of the others that we sell. They are suited to a more fancy pendant or something with some vintage style. The links are intertwined in a pleasing way, another lovely chain for you to choose from!

Emerald: May’s Birthstone

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

Emeralds are a green stone from the Beryl family of gemstones. They are found in many locations across the world, but only rarely in a large and high quality stone. The most valuable emeralds are rich in colour with a clear appearance, however Emeralds are brittle stones with a tendency to have fissures and inclusions. Although these sound like they are bad things, in some instances it adds greatly to the beauty of the stone, particularly the inner marks that look like a moss spreading through the stone. Emeralds are unusual in that their inclusions can be a selling point, because of the unique patterns that develop within them the inclusions are sometimes referred to as ‘The Garden’. The garden of an emerald can be used to identify it and can certainly add to the attractiveness of a stone.

Emerald is the birthstone for May in the UK. The verdant greens of spring and the variety of green hues ranging from the rich to the pale in emerald jewellery are an alluring combination. Whether the green hills of the UK were the inspiration for the connection I do not know, probably they were not, but it is a pleasing coincidence all the same. As is evident from looking around spring is a time of awakening, rebirth and growth the start of sunnier days and warmer weather; an emerald wrapped in yellow gold and set with bright diamonds is a joyful symbol of the best months of the year and the happiness that is ensured by the golden haze of late spring and summer.

Emerald Jewellery

9ct Yellow & White Gold Emerald Stud Earrings
9ct Yellow & White Gold Emerald Pendant Necklace
One of our current favourite sets of is the one pictured made from 9ct white and yellow gold. Swirls of metals centring on the emerald at the centre which has a pretty green colouring, it is a small pendant but it looks lovely on, particularly when worn with the matching earrings. The design for the earrings is the same and they make a really nice set together.