We have a lovely range of birthstone jewellery for each month. Click on any month below to see our current birthstone jewellery collection. Birthstone jewellery makes a wondeful birthday present, combining a much appreciated gift with a personal touch.  Birthstones are gemstones associated with each month of the year and traditionally given as birthday presents.  Although birthstones vary around the world, the list below represents those traditionally used in the UK and Ireland.

Garnet Birthstone

January - Garnet

January's birthstone is garnet.  For those who are born in January garnet jewellery is a perfect gift.  The garnets used in jewellery are usually deep red in hue although garnets are mined in a wide variety of colours including greens, yellows and oranges. Garnet is named after the bright red seeds in a pomegranate.  Garnet jewellery when given to a Capricorn is said to represent true friendship, loyalty and purity.

Amethyst Birthstone

February - Amethyst

February's birthstone is amethyst.  The beautiful purple and violet tones found in amethyst jewellery make it a popular choice for those born in february.  Aquarius is the star sign for february, those who are born under Aquarius are often friendly and independant making amethyst jewellery which is said to bring peace and stability an ideal birthday present.  Amethyst jewellery is also associated with good health.

Aquamarine Birthstone

March - Aquamarine

The birthstone for March is aquamarine.  Aquamarine has a variety of hues from sea blues through to deep greens.  Associated with all of the colours of the sea aquamarine jewellery is a lovely gift for a Pisces. Creative and intuitive those born in March benefit from wearing Aquamarine as it is said to stimulate a heightened state of awareness and to bring courage and clarity to the wearer.

Diamond Birthstone

April - Diamond

In April the birthstone is diamond. Diamonds are renowned for their inner fire and sparkle. Diamond jewellery makes an excellent present for those born in April who are often vibrant, confidant and dynamic. The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek 'adamas' meaning unconquerable for diamond is one of the hardest substances on earth. Diamond jewellery enhances inner strength and helps to create strong relationships.

Emerals Birthstone

May – Emerald

The birthstone for May is Emerald. Beautiful green hues make emerald jewellery highly sought after. For those born in May emerald jewellery is a meaningful present as they are associated with continuing love, faithfulness and goodness. Emeralds are said to bring clarity to the mind, enhancing mental capabilities and some believe that they inspire intuitive clairvoyance in the wearers. Emerald jewellery has been attributed the powers of healing and some believe that emeralds are capable to restoring sight.

Pearl Birthstone

June – Pearl

Pearl is the birthstone for June. Pearls are an organic gemstone that form in the shells of oysters and molluscs over a long period of time. The beautiful iridescent lustre of pearls makes them highly desirable. They form in many shapes and colours, the most highly valued pearls are spherical and have an enchanting colour. Pearl jewellery inspires modesty, chastity and purity and has often been associated with the noblility emotional strength that creates good relationships.

Ruby Birthstone

July- Ruby

The birthstone for July is ruby. Rubies are deep red in colour and make stunning jewellery. Wearing ruby jewellery inspires confidence and integrity. Often those born in July are cautious but intuitive so as a gift for someone born in this month rubies are perfect. Ruby jewellery is said to bring prosperity and success as it is both a rare and a beautiful gemstone.

Peridot Birthstone

August – Peridot

Peridot is August's birthstone. Enchanting lime green hues have made peridot an increasingly popular gemstone. Peridot is associated with fame, success, faithfulness and loyalty which are the qualities attributed to those born in August, making peridot jewellery an ideal present to give to someone born in this month. Peridot jewellery was traditionally used as a good luck charm to protect the wearer from any harm.

Sapphire Birthstone

September – Sapphires

Sapphires are the birthstone for September. Highly valued for many thousands of years sapphires are found in many different colours all of the shades which include blue, yellow and pink sapphires are used in jewellery. The vibrant colour of sapphires represents truth and sincerity. Sapphire jewellery provides a calming sense of serenity and intuition which is suited to the astrological characteristics of those born in September.

Opal Birthstone

October – Opals

Opals are October's birthstone. Famed for their rainbow hued iridescence and flashes of fiery colour opals make beautiful jewellery. Opal jewellery is said to provide the wearer with hope and good health and to keep them pure in the face of adversity. Opals make a perfect gift for those born in October. Opal is often referred to as the 'Queen of gems' for its incomparable beauty.

Topaz Birthstone

November – Topaz

Topaz is the birthstone for November. There are a rainbow of different coloured topaz gemstones, the most popular is the bright blue. Beautiful and rich in colour blue topaz is said to create inner peace and strength by stabilising emotions and releasing pent up tension, which makes it ideally suited as a gift to a Scorpio. It is also associated with wisdom, courage and sincerity.

Turquoise Birthstone

December -Turquoise

Turqoise is the birthstone for December. Teal, blue green and aqua tones run through turquoise creating a beautiful affect that is perpetually popular. It brings wisdom and luck to those that wear it which leads to prosperity and success in all aspects of life. Turquoise jewellery is said to bring creativity and spiritual union with others to the wearer making it a perfect gift for those born in the winter month of December.