Wedding Jewellery

A wedding day is all about feeling really special and making a beautiful commitment to the person that you love. Having the perfect wedding jewellery will help you to complete your dream outfit, whether you are the bride, groom, a bridesmaid or an usher and will make you feel on top of the world on the big day.

For the bride iridescent pearls set in gold or silver, the traditional symbols of love, hearts and flowers and beautiful mother of pearl set items are ideal wedding jewellery. White, silver, gold and ivory toned jewellery are all traditional colours to wear at a white wedding.

A groom will want to wear a high quality pair of cufflinks and perhaps a matching necklace and bracelet as well to complete his outfit.

The best man and the ushers will often be presented with matching jewellery to wear, serving as a gift for their efforts during the wedding.

Bridesmaids are often given a jewellery gift to wear during the ceremony and to thank them for their presence and their assistance of the bride throughout her wedding.


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